Creativity classes

Excited kids completing an art challange

What is a creativity class?

A creativity class is a fun way to exercise the imaginative side of the brain. Our goal is to help participants express their emotions through creativity in a safe, inclusive, and positive environment.

What type of organizations do we partner with?

We partner with refugee centres, children’s hospitals, mental health facilities, community centres that serve low income families, schools in need, orphanages, and the list goes on! if you’re interested in setting up a class with us, send us a message detailing your organization and the communities you work with.

What’s included? Is it free?

Yes, these classes are absolutely free! Children of Art will provide art supplies, volunteers, and instructors.

For more info contact:

Excited kids completing an art challange

Volunteer Opportunities

At Children of Art, we believe that art and creative activities have the power to heal, and our aim is to help add colour to the lives of children (and adults) in need. Whether you are an artist, a student, or just want to help, we would love to hear from you!

Previous experience working with children and a current criminal record check are required. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to and let us know why you want to get involved.

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Booking Request Form

Fill in the form below to book the COA Challenge Workshop. Note: this is a booking request form, not a booking confirmation. A representative will contact you within 48 hours to finalize the workshop date, security deposit amount, and additional information.

The Children of Art Challenge

The Children of Art Challenge is a team building and time management workshop that targets schools, corporate companies, and various organizations who would like to offer their students, employees or members an educational experience through creative challenges.

Each challenge has a different theme and consists of individual and team assignments. The participants will be divided into teams of four and will need to share a limited amount of tools and supplies. The end goal of the challenge is to create a prototype for an original product using the materials provided by the COA team.

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For schools

This workshop gives children the opportunity to express their individuality while working in a team environment. It focuses on communication, innovation and critical thinking. Participants are required to brainstorm together and share supplies and tools.

$200 per 20 students. $10 per additional student.

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For companies

This workshop offers employees an opportunity to de-stress, discover inspiration, and connect with their colleagues in a meaningful way. Participants learn simple and effective ways to be creative while increasing productivity and focus in the workplace.

$1000 per workshop (up to 40 participants.) $25 per additional participant. **Ask about our package deals!

What do our clients think?

“We couldn't believe what the groups were able to create in 20 minutes. COA provided fabulous materials for them to work with and everyone eagerly participated. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to work collaboratively and creatively!”

- Cathy Sutton, Grade 1 teacher, Charles Dickens Elementary, Vancouver BC.

“My students absolutely loved it! They were able to show their creativity while practicing cooperation skills. The program was very well organized and coordinating with the organizers beforehand was simple. The most notable success was the instruction of the program itself. I've had other artists visit the class in the past but always found I needed to be quite a hands-on facilitator. Noya and Jane did an excellent job of managing the class while providing a safe and engaging lesson.”

- Gillian Armstrong, Grade 4 teacher, OLPH Vancouver BC.

You are also invited to take the Children of Art Challenge online to help raise awareness about our cause. Here’s how:

Step one of Art challenge: Set Your Timer

Step 1: Set Your Timer

Choose one of these time frames: 44 seconds, 4 minutes, 40 minutes, 4 hours, or 4 days*. You can take the challenge as an individual, in pairs, or even as a team.

* total 32 hours, excluding drying time
Step two of Art challenge: Ready ­Set ­Create

Step 2: Ready­-Set-Create!

Create your artwork using any material you want: paint, paper, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, clay, recycled materials... the sky’s the limit!

Step three of Art challenge: Share Your Work

Step 3: Share Your Work

Time’s up! Take a photo or video of your work and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube using the hashtag #ChildrenofArtChallenge. Don’t forget to tag us so we can feature your work online.

Step four of Art challenge: Tag Your Friends

Step 4: Tag Your Friends

Nominate and tag up to 4 of your friends to take the Children of Art Challenge. You don’t need to be an artist to participate—anyone can take the challenge! The important part is to be creative and to have fun. Good luck!

Let's Get Crafty!

Looking for fun, kid­ friendly art activities you can do at home? We've got you covered! Check out our easy DIY art videos.

Way to create a handprint elephant

Handprint Elephant

We love elephants so we created one from a hand print!

Way to create a paper carrot

Paper Carrots

Lets make some carrots!

Way to create a handprint turtle

Handprint Turtle

We are up to some turtles today!

Way to create a handprint tiger

Handprint Tiger

I feel like a tiger right now. There's nothing impossible if you get up and work for it.

Interesting technique is used to create a handprint tiger

Marbled Clay Leaf

In this video we will make a marble clay leaf!

Way to make a cute frog out of toilet roll

Toilet Roll Frog

Here is a cool idea - make an animal out of a toilet paper roll!

Way to create a handprint giraffe

Handprint Giraffe

Handprint Giraffe with your own hand prints!

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